TRACK ONE: Developing Value by Delivering Experience

Where We Come From

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in New York, we invest across the global financial services industry, including related data, research, technology and business services companies. We specialize in areas such as asset management, wealth management, capital markets, big data, Index, Exchange-Traded Fund and related business services. We focus on the financial services industry where our partners have direct operating experience and apply our team’s experience to add value while closely collaborating alongside our management teams.

Where We’re Going

We source dynamic companies where we can help develop value by delivering our knowledge of the markets, the business models, the long-term trends, the technological advancements, and the factors that impact the financial and business services industries.

We have successfully invested across market cycles and seek to capitalize on market dislocations arising from ongoing regulatory and capital pressures creating opportunities across the sector.

6 East 39th Street • New York, NY 10016 • (646) 723-3354

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